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Traffic loss due to parity errors

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TitleTraffic loss due to parity errors
  • Traffic loss for specific destination IP address or MAC address 
  • Ping failures to single hosts in the network
  • High bcmDPC process
  • "debug hal show forwarding distributions" shows DMA Errors similar to the following:
"# debug hal show forwarding distributions slot 9
[bcmL2X.1]_soc_xgs3_mem_dma: L2_ENTRY.ipipe0 failed(NAK)
[bcmL2X.1]soc_l2x_thread: DMA failed: Operation failed
[bcmL2XAGE.1]_soc_xgs3_mem_dma: L2_ENTRY.ipipe0 failed(NAK)
L3 Hash Tablesoc_l2xage_thread: DMA fail  Used/Available: 6552/16384"
  • ​"debug hal show sys-health-check" shows high async queue
[Card State (Mask = 7F4F)]
Slot Hardware Abstraction Layer(HAL) Boot  DataPath   AsyncQueue
No.        CardType CardState        Mode MsmA  MsmB  Curr(Max) 
 7    8900-10G24X-c OPERATIONAL      Cold             !6216(6216)
  • All Platforms
  • All EXOS 15.X software versions prior to 15.5.X
A parity check in hardware fails due to bit errors for a specific Layer 2 or Layer 3 table entry.  This results in traffic not being forwarded correctly to the associated table entry.  The parity errors can manifest themselves in different ways depending on where in hardware they occur.  As such, they have been documented in multiple CRs: CR xos0051735, CR xos0050719, CR xos0055306, and CR xos0052866.
A software upgrade is required to prevent the parity check from interrupting traffic flow.  It is recommended to upgrade to a software release that includes fixes for ALL parity related CRs.  All current Extreme Networks recommended software releases contain fixes for these parity errors.  

Recommended EXOS software releases can be found here: Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices 

If a release other than the recommended must be used, a list of minor releases where ALL parity fixes were resolved is provided below:
Note: All releases after contain the parity fixes.

Temporary Workaround:
Although software upgrade is recommended,  in some situations GTAC may be able to implement a workaround that does not require a reboot.  Please contact GTAC for this workaround.

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