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Troubleshooting DHCP over mesh

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TitleTroubleshooting DHCP over mesh
We want clients to be able to connect to mutliple VLANs at the remote location depending on SSID and pull DHCP for any of them.
Two APs are meshing wirelessly to provide network and internet access to a remote location without a direct fiber connection.  The remote location has a switch plugged into the ethernet port of the AP and then other devices and APs plugged into the switch to access the network, and the environment has multiple VLANs.
  1. Double checked configuration and perform VLAN probes to confirm we see the VLAN
  2. Performed frame filter on both meshing APs and AP client connects to.
  3. Checked the resulting filter on each AP to see how far the traffic gets
  4. On the AP traffic was not getting past used a frame filter with "_kdebug fe detail" enabled.
  5. Saw the AP complaining it did not recognize upid (user profile id) 6 from said traffic
  6. Found the mesh APs and the AP the client were connecting to had different network policies and SSIDs.
  7. Put the SSID in question into the mesh network policy but disabled it in the mesh APs so they wouldnt broadcast it
  8. Once done the mesh would pass traffic from the SSID in question and clients could get DHCP and pass traffic.
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