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Troubleshooting common RADIUS issues with RADIUS tests

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TitleTroubleshooting common RADIUS issues with RADIUS tests
Where RADIUS authentication is no longer working, this should outline troubleshooting the most common RADIUS issues that can cause this problem using the RADIUS test.

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.
  • HiveManager or HiveManager Classic
Start by running the RADIUS test (Tools > Utilities > RADIUS Test)*, check result against possible results;
  • RADIUS server rejected/shared secret error. Or radius originally worked but stopped.
  • Check DNS server can be used to retrieve directory info in AAA User directory object. This may have set it up with one DNS and that changed.
  • Check the APs are listed as NAS clients
  • RADIUS test times out
  • Check certificate
  • Make sure cert is not a wildcard cert, this will not work for RADIUS authentication
  • Check time
  • Is the radius server running on the AP?
  • Get rid of shared secret (2 places) and NAS clients settings, they're not needed for an Aerohive RADIUS server and can cause issues
  • The RADIUS server rejected the Access Request message. Check the submitted user name and password.
  • NAS client?
  • Shared secret?
  • Domain User Credentials Required for User Lookups (in AAA user Dir. settings) doesn't have permission to get attributes from users?
  • RADIUS test passes but fails for clients
  • Check time
  • Windows 10?
  • Windows 10 has a habit of defaulting to machine credentials rather than specified AD credentials. Change the credentials used to fix. (In HiveManager Classic Client monitor it should show something like "rejected user 'host/HSEARL-R8AY7B9.aer.local'" rather than "rejected user 'Aerohive/vlenin'")
  • Check certs
If the RADIUS server is running on an Aerohive AP, try rejoining the domain, especially if the AD/LDAP tests time out.
  • Can't join domain?
  • make sure SMBv1* is enabled
*SMBv1 no longer required starting with 8.2r1 which supports SMBv2
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