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Unable to Access HiveManager Online.

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TitleUnable to Access HiveManager Online.

Problem/Noted behavior

  • Unable to navigate from the monitor tab
  • Able to login previously
  • Inability to manage, un-manage, or navigate "away from this page".
  • Unable to navigate to VHM - Managment to confirm the VHM Name.
  • On the Monitor page, an indication of the number of managed devices, licensed devices, and licenses added will display in the upper left, of the monitor page.

This issue is commonly noted with

  • New users
  • New Administration
  • A user who was previously using, the '30 day Trial' version HiveManager.
  • HiveManager (formerly NG) online
  • HiveManager Classic online
  • Obtain a new entitlement key from an Aerohive Sales Engineer.
  • Prior to the permanent key creation, the client ( if eligible ) will be assigned a temporary key, upon authorization from your team leader. (If the client has a permanent key in the system, advise the client to check the receiving email that should contain the key)
  • Verify if by chance a prior key expired that needs to be renewed.
  • Enter in obtained key into the field, by clicking "add license" found in the upper left hand corner, of the monitor tab.
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