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Unable to access VDX 6740T through serial console

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TitleUnable to access VDX 6740T through serial console
When connecting the console to the 6740T, output may be seen, but input is not accepted and the serial access is unavailable.
Software Release: N/A
Fixed in Version: N/A
The VDX6740T ships with a Mini-usb to Serial RS232 cable. In many cases, a terminal such as a PCmay lack the older serial ports, and so a Serial to USB converter is often used to connect it to a USB port.

In some cases these third-party adaptors may not be compatible with the Brocade cable and result in partial or no serial communication between the 6740T and the terminal.

VDXs without the mini-usb console port would not encounter this issue.

Use a serial port on the terminal without the third-party adaptor, or else look at replacing the third-party adaptor.

At this time Brocade neither supports nor recommends a third-party Serial to USB adaptor for the 6740T.

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