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Unable to ping management interface after 'no shut'ing another interface

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TitleUnable to ping management interface after 'no shut'ing another interface
  • Can no longer reach management interface after bringing up another interface
  • Issuing the "no shut" command on a routed interfaces causes interfaces with "no ip forwarding" configured to become unreachable
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • firmware 8.21+
The S-Series architecture allows for either static routes configured for non-routed interfaces or static routes configured for routed interfaces.  It most cases the non-routed interface has a default route "ip route <NEXT_HOP> interface <NON-ROUTED_INTERFACE> <METRIC>" configured.  The non-routed interface default route is ignored if a routed interface is then brought up.
1. Change non-routed management interface to a routed interface by issuing the command "ip forwarding" under the interface configuration
 interface vlan.0.1
  ip address primary management
  no ip proxy-arp
  no ip forwarding
  no shutdown

S8 Chassis(su)->router
S8 Chassis(su-router)->configure
S8 Chassis(su-router-config)->interface vlan.0.1
S8 Chassis(su-router-config-intf-vlan.0.1)->ip forwarding

2. Add a more specific route for the network the non-routed interface is to be contacted from.
Example: If attempting to connect via SSH to the non-routed interface from the following route would need to be added:
S8 Chassis(su)->router
S8 Chassis(su-router)->configure
S8 Chassis(su-router
Additional notes
When trying to ping or traceroute in this state, the following behavior will be observed:
S4 Chassis(su)->ping
PING ( 64 bytes of data.
ping: Could not send echo request
S4 Chassis(su)->traceroute
traceroute: Could not determine source address.




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