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Unable to Upgrade Firmware of Wireless APs from Controllers in Remote Locations

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TitleUnable to Upgrade Firmware of Wireless APs from Controllers in Remote Locations
  • Unable to upgrade the image on the WS-AP3705i from the controller for remote locations.
  • Could not load the configuration.
  • Corrupt image errors.
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • WS-AP37xx 
  • WS-AP38xx
When trying to upgrade or upload config getting the following errors:
Wireless AP automatic software upgrade/downgrade has failed. 
May be a corrupted image was selected as a default. 
Please select another default image. 
This alarm will repeat while the system is in automatic mode: 
Wireless AP SN 14210748915V0000; failed image
Config Manager has failed to process a request. 
Config Manager is still running, and system functionality is not impaired. 
Error Details: Configuration has been resent the maximum number times, 
but no acknowledge has been received. releasing AP[14210748915v0000]
  • Make sure that there is no firewall not allowing TFTP for the initial code upgrade. (Enable the ports 13907 and 13910 on the firewall).
  • Make sure to enable the TFTP port 69 TCP and UDP.
  • Reset the AP to factory default: There is a pinhole button on the side of the AP3705i that needs to be held down for 5+ seconds to initiate factory default.
  • Set the MTU to 1400 and rebooted the APs.
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