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Unable to View company's Assets in the Extreme Portal

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TitleUnable to View company's Assets in the Extreme Portal
  • Unable to see all expected Company Assets, when logged into the Extreme Portal.
  • Portal account's asset list is inaccurate.
  • Too few assets are seen, or too many.
Extreme Support Portal
Incorrect ownership settings on one or more assets or service contracts.

An asset is listed for a Portal user when at least one of these attributes is true:
  • The asset's account is aligned to the user's company;   -and/or-
  • The asset is listed under a service contract citing the user's company as being the account or customer or partner.
Please use this procedure:
  1. Create documentation which identifies the specific problematic Portal account (email address), lists the assets which are not seen that should be seen, and lists the assets which are seen that should not be seen.
  2. Open a GTAC Support case to report the issue for resolution:
    How To Create a Case Through Extreme Support Portal
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