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Unexpected Reboot When BGP Learned Routes Exceed the Supported Limit.

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TitleUnexpected Reboot When BGP Learned Routes Exceed the Supported Limit.
Unexpected reboot when learned BGP routes exceed the supported limit.
  • Summit X480
  • EXOS All
When the amount of learned BGP routes exceeded the theoretical supported limit of 512K routes, the allotted memory for BGP was consumed so the switch began drawing memory from other resources in order to accommodate the incoming routes; however, this resulted in memory depletion which may cause processes to crash and the switch to unexpectedly reboot.
In order to prevent the switch from exhausting its memory and unexpectedly rebooting, one may implement a hard limit to prevent the switch from learning more BGP routes than the supported limit.  Since the maximum supported limit is 512K routes, it is advisable to set the limit to approximately 500K routes to allow for some cushion.

Type “configure bgp neighbor <IP_ADDRESS> maximum-prefix <NUMBER_OF_ROUTES>
Additional notes
A request to increase the supported limit from 512K to 600K routes is currently in the works but the exact future date is yet to be determined.  If you expect to receive more routes than the supported limit, then utilization of the command mentioned in this article will be the best option to protect the switch from an unexpected reboot.



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