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Updating HiveOS Firmware in Classic

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TitleUpdating HiveOS Firmware in Classic
This article covers how to update the HiveOS firmware on your devices in HiveManager Classic.
HiveManager Classic.
To update HiveOS on an AP, start by going to the Monitor tab and checking the box next to the AP. Then click on Update > Advanced > Upload and activate HiveOS Firmware, as shown below.

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This will take us to a new screen. Here we can select what image we want the AP to change to, as seen in the image below. Keep in mind that the image you are looking for may not be in your HiveManager. If you are looking for a Hive OS version that is not currently present, you can find the image at in the software downloads section either in current software releases or in previous software updates. Once you’ve downloaded the file, go back to the hive manager, go back to the Upload and Activate HiveOS Firmware page you were on, and here you should see an “Add/Remove� button (if you are not logged in as an admin, this option will not be available to you). Click on the Add/Remove button, this will bring up a small window. You want to select the radial button next to “Local File�, click on “Browse�, select the file you just downloaded from and save this to your hive manager. You should now see this firmware version listed in the drop down menu on the Upload and active HiveOS Firmware page.

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If you see something different than the image above click on the blue settings text in the top right hand corner and make sure the settings are the same as the picture shown below. After clicking on the save icon and choosing which image you would like, click on upload and you should be taken to a new page that shows the update progress of the AP. The AP will then reboot and after 10 to 15 minutes it should be back online and be displaying the correct OS in the monitor tab.

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