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Extreme Managmement Center appliances - OS Upgrade Failed issues

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TitleExtreme Managmement Center appliances - OS Upgrade Failed issues
Upgrade to 8.X fails with the following output:
Performing OS upgrade, upgrade speed may vary depending on the strength of the internet connection...
OS Upgrade failed. Exiting.
  • Ubuntu 14.x upgrade
  • Confirmed successful connection to internet for package upgrades
A problem doing the package download and install caused the upgrade to fail and exit
  1. SSH to NetSight Server
  2. Run the following command:
    apt-get upgrade -y
  3. Re-run the .bin file
Additional notes
In case if the upgrade fails after apt-get upgrade -y also then please collect the below files and share it to GTAC team for further analysis. 

/root directory there should be a dist_upgrade.log
Run this command " “wget -v”  and share the command outputs. 

If it fails with a The following packages have been kept back: libjson0 error, please see the following. Extreme Management Center BIN Upgrade Installer Fails Returning "OS Upgrade failed. Exiting." -> libjson0




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