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User not able to access APP Center GUI on NX65 after upgrade to 5.8.4

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TitleUser not able to access APP Center GUI on NX65 after upgrade to 5.8.4
After the customer upgraded to 5.8.4 WiNG firmware he is not able to launch the APP center on the NX65XX controller. When clicking on launch APP on the upper top:
User-added image

They get prompted directly with the following error:
User-added image
After they try to log in again, the same error will appear.
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG NX6500 Controllers
  • WirelessWiNG NX6500 Controllers
  • WiNG v5.8.X Software
After 5.8.0 accessing to VMs through the GUI is not longer developed nor supported.
If the user wants to continue accessing the APP Center, the latest firmware they can run is 5.7.2. It would be recommended to check if the VMs are correctly running, by verifying the output of the following command:
acmebrq-2bob-1#show virtual-machine stat
     NAME         STATE       VCPUS     MEM (MB)       BRIDGE-IF          IP
  DEBIAN       Running       1         2048         eth0 (vmif1)       -

Another option is to verify if you can connect to the VM without problem, and opperate over CLI:
acmebrq-2bob-1#virtual-machine console DEBIAN
To disconnect from the console, press: 'CTRL+]'

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