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Loss of Connection or "Limited or No Connectivity" where client repair will restore network access

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TitleLoss of Connection or "Limited or No Connectivity" where client repair will restore network access
  • Client reports limited or no connectivity to internet
  • Client remains connected to the AP but cannot browse anywhere
  • Client roams and drops connection
  • Occurs randomly
  • Users will get a default IP assignment - 169.254.x.x 
  • Poor Performance on the client device 
  • Exclamation point on network connection icon
  • The following state information can become incorrect:
    • AP Filtering state
    • Topology state
    • COS state
    • Client Statistics
    • TX PHY rate states
    • Initial connection drop
    • Non-unicast medium time calculation
    • ARP proxy state​
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Firmware 9.21.06 or older, 9.15.x, 10.01.x, 10.11.05 or older, 10.21.03 or older 
  • All Client Device Types
Issues in software needed to be corrected. 
  • To determine the best firmware track to use:
  • With the nature of RF frequencies, the various client driver types and versions, and the multiple sources for connectivity problems, please ensure the following network and Wireless areas are checked:​
    • The power output for the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz radios.  The 5 GHz is inherently susceptible to physical interference (walls, doors, people), so make sure the signal strength for this radio is high to cover all areas of client usage.
    • All network servers (RADIUS, DNS, DHCP, NTP) are all on the same timestamp.
    • Periodic packet captures from the Access Point (or VLAN subnet) to ensure unnecessary traffic is blocked or reduced.  Common traffic types are IPv6, mDNS, and NetBIOS.
    • Client drivers - if there is one type of client having connection issues, make sure the latest driver is installed (or OS if the devices are smartphones).
    • Please read the article for handling end devices that fail to get an IP address, or an APIPA (169.254.x.x) address:
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