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Using TFTPd32

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TitleUsing TFTPd32


  • Learn the basics of using TFTPd32 as TFTP server.
  • Generally speaking we will need to install and run TFTPd32 on the customer's client device.
    • TFTPd32 will not run on Apple computers but there are TFTP alternatives available for that platform.
  • We are unable to perform TFTP flash without a console connection to the HiveOS device.
    • HiveOS devices with no console port are AP30, AP120, AP170, and AP1130.

-screenshot of tftpd32
  • Can change server directory from default by using "Browse" button. May want to point this at the folder you download HiveOS images to.
  • Will want to confirm that "Server interfaces" IP address matches the Ethernet IP address of the customer's computer. Have them open CMD and run "ipconfig /all" to list network interfaces and their IP.
  • "Show Dir" will display the contents of the TFTPd32 server directory. We can use this to confirm desired files are listed.
  • This program can be used either to receive files from the APs such as netdump logs or to flash files to the AP such as HiveOS images.
  • Send/Receive initiated on AP end.
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