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Using ZTerm to Console into a Device on an OSX Device

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TitleUsing ZTerm to Console into a Device on an OSX Device
To console into a device on a Mac computer, download and configure ZTerm.
ZTerm on Mac's running OSX.
  1. Download ZTerm by going to:
  2. Download ZTerm for OSX Universal binary
  3. Once the file downloads, open up ZTerm
  4. Click on Open
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  6. In the ZTerm application, there may be pop up window asking to select a Serial Port.  Select the usbserial option in the drop down menu and click OK.
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  8. If you don't get a pop up window to select a Serial Port, go to Settings > Modem Preferences, and the Serial Port can be changed here.
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  1. ZTerm uses 38400 as the data rate by default.  Aerohive APs and switches by default use 9600.  To change the data rate in ZTerm, go to Settings > Connection.  Change the Data Rate to 9600 can click OK.
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