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VDX 6740 high CPU (Micro CPU trash) due to DCMD caused by BNA polling

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TitleVDX 6740 high CPU (Micro CPU trash) due to DCMD caused by BNA polling
BNA polling VDX fabric consisting of 8 or more VDX switches experiences high cpu.
BNA uses SSH to log in and issues a sequence of netconf RPCs to every node in the cluster by default which results in the cpu going high on VDX and causing management plane slowness.
Software Release: N/A
Fixed in Version: N/A
Issue is seen when VDX has 4096 or more mac-addresses, BNA request for mac-address table and when this happens, the request happens over a RPC call using NETConf protocol : Once VDX sends the mac-address table there is no acknowledgementmechanism to confirm the already received mac-address hence the continuousRPC calls are sent, this can be identified by looking at the RPC which has the "has-more" field set:

<mac-address-table xmlns="">
<has-more xmlns="">true</has-more>
BNA Engineering have currently developed a script to stop this. Please contact Brocade Support to access the script.

Fix is being worked on, the issue is seen even with latest release 14.01.

Review Release Notes for a version of code that contains the fix.
Additional notes
Stop BNA polling especiallywhen mac-address table is 4096 or more.



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