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Link negotiation issue between ICX and VDX after a reload of the ICX for VRRP failover tests

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TitleLink negotiation issue between ICX and VDX after a reload of the ICX for VRRP failover tests
Experienced an issue where VRRP failover on the ICX switchesworked fine from the master to the backup switch, but when the connection is restored back (bringing the master VRRP switch back up), the backup ICX switch remained master and never returned to backup status as expected. For this specific instance, the problem started after upgrading the ICX switchesfrom 7300c to 08030d and the issue was not experiencedprior to the upgrade.
Software Release: NOS 4.1.3a, FastIron 8030d
Fixed in Version: N/A
The root cause for the VRRP issues was that no VRRP communication was possible between the 2 ICX VRRP switches due to the link not being established properly between the original master VRRP switch and the VDX fabric after the master switch was reloaded.

- Original ICX master VRRP switch port status was Up/Up
- VDX fabric port status was Up/Down
Through internal lab testing re-creates were successful on the customer code versions andthis was root caused to be a software issue on the VDX that has since been resolved. A recommendation was made to upgrade the VDXs to 5.0.2c code. The user is currently running 4.1.3a on the VDXs. Internal testing on the upgraded VDX code version no longer saw the original reported issue.
Additional notes
Adding or removing fabric neighbor discovery (fabric neighbor-discovery dis) on the VDX port showing Up/Downseemed to bring the VDX port to an Up/Up status to get VRRP back to a working state, but further failover attempts can get the environment back in a problem state.



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