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ExtremeWireless Controller Crashes Due to Lack of Free Memory

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TitleExtremeWireless Controller Crashes Due to Lack of Free Memory
Wireless Controller resets due to low memory
The wireless controller generates the following log Messages: 
08/02/17 10:13:09   Critical    Startup Manager  Initiating Reboot.  Cause: Free Memory is Too Low.
08/02/17 10:13:08   Critical    Startup Manager  System memory for <WC Model> has been depleted. The system will be restarted to recover.  
                                Contact technical support to investigate.
08/02/17 10:03:37   Major       Startup Manager  System free memory for <WC Model> is low. Consider restarting the system to recover.  
                                Back up minor messages for investigation prior to reboot.  Contact technical support to investigate.

  • Extreme Wireless 
  • V2110
  • C35
  • Firmware 10.41.06
  • Firmware 10.31.04
  • Low Memory
"Free Memory is Too Low"
Upgrade the software of the wireless controller to version or superior.
Additional notes
If problem still persists after upgrade, please contact the GTAC immediately to report the issue.
Please refer to the article How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) to learn about the different channels to communicate with the GTAC. 



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