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Virtual ExtremeCloud Appliance loses network communication after increasing resources

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TitleVirtual ExtremeCloud Appliance loses network communication after increasing resources
  • Changing CPU and Memory makes XCA GUI not reachable
  • Can not ping to default gateway after changing CPU, Memory
  • XCA is down.
  • XCA
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • Elastic
  • Change CPU Memory values
This is a known restriction listed in the release notes of 4.26.03 code. 
Preservation of system settings may be affected when upgrading the operational category ( such as promoting from Small to Medium to Large capacity levels) of a VE6120. Recommend to always generate and persist off-box a copy of the system configuration before adjusting the resource level in the hypervisor.
Issue resolved version 4.36.04 or higher

The pre-release workaround is:

When building a new XCA uncheck the box to power up the unit when building the new XCA. Adjust the CPU and memory settings before starting the controller and it should work fine. 

Prior to changing VE6120 profile, export configuration.
Go from small -> medium by increasing memory and number of cores on your VM.
Import configuration you exported prior to changing VE6120 profile from small to medium
Additional notes
Release Note: nse0004604 - Improved logic when changing size of VE6120 from small->medium which could remove the exception filters preventing APs from registering.



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