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WS-AP3805 reboots or crashes and need a physical disconnect or inlinepower toggle to return to functional

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TitleWS-AP3805 reboots or crashes and need a physical disconnect or inlinepower toggle to return to functional
  • WS-AP3805i will reboot/crash, and will not come back online without a physical disconnect/reconnect, or an inlinepower toggling.
  • Increased Poll timeouts.
  • Client connections could become unstable over time, and performance could be affected.
  • ExtremeWireless appliances.
  • AP3805i
  • All firmware prior to 10.31.05 and 9.21.18
  • There are unknown packets traversing the wired network (Wireshark labels them as LLC packets), and the Access Point will stop processing the packets and go through a functionality crash (SKB).
  • These packets are most likely generated from devices on the network with problematic NICS, hardware devices sending out malformed packets, or outdated devices with older driver versions.
  • An issue with Jumbo frames has been discovered on the AP3805:
    - Jumbo frames are always enabled (even if turned off on the AC).
    - When jumbo frames are enabled, the length check does not work and some packets may exceed the maximum buffer size.
  • The full fix will be going into the following Maintenance Releases: 
    • 9.21.19
    • 10.31.07
    • 10.41.02
  • Please collect a packet capture on the Wireless VLAN (either through a port mirror on the switch port where the AP is connected, or by setting port VLAN to the Wireless VLAN), and review the packets for any suspect packets.
  • Workaround:
    • ​Please disable Jumbo Frame support on any switch port where the AP3805i is connected.
    • If there are problem packets found in a packet capture, try to determine the source port in the network where the frames are injected, and verify any end station, hub connection, or patch panel connection is not suspect.
Additional notes
Release Note: wns0018614 & wns0019153 - Improved buffer size handling jumbo frame on AP3805



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