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WS-AP3825I - Intermittent connections are still seen after 9.21.12 upgrade

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TitleWS-AP3825I - Intermittent connections are still seen after 9.21.12 upgrade
  • Client connection loss and failure to reassociate.
  • Clients are not able to initially connect to the Wireless after a roam.
  • Clients cannot connect to the AP3825, nor can they maintain a valid session
    • ExtremeWireless appliances and Access Points AP38xx.
    • firmware 9.21.14 and earlier.
    • firmware 10.11.04 and earlier.
    • firmware
    • During, or right after, an end device's authentication attempt, the radio enters strange initial authentication state where the AccessPoint can't transmit out to the MU (end device stations). The vast majority of the time, the MU itself disassociates within 10 seconds and reassociates and the problem goes away. On rare occasions, it corrects itself in about 1 minute. There may be end devices that cannot fix themselves, and they end up stuck - due to the Access Point radio failing to transmit packets to the end device.
    • If stuck end devices aren't DEAUTHed, all packet descriptors can be queued up and not released and catastrophically affect all users.
    • Please upgrade to
    • Please upgrade to
    • Please upgrade to
    If there are still clients failing to connect, please gather the following:
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