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WS-AP3935E, WS-AP3825e or WS-AP3865e Radios will not turn on

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TitleWS-AP3935E, WS-AP3825e or WS-AP3865e Radios will not turn on
  • AP3935E, AP3825E, AP3865E or AP3715E Radios will not enable
  • AP is not showing channels
  • Admin mode for radio remains off
  • Radios do not show tx power
  • WS-AP3825E
  • WS-AP3865E
  • WS-AP3715E
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Access Point
Access Points with external antennas need to have the antennas type selected. 

1. Login to the IdentiFi Appliance web gui
2. Select AP from top menu bar
3. Select APs menu on left side of the page
4. Select the AP Model to be configured
5. Select the AP Properties tab (selected by default)
6. Select the Professional Install button
7. Select the Antenna types from the drop down for each radio
8. Click the Close button
9. Click the Save button
10. Select Radio 1 and 2 tabs 
11. Select Admin Mode drop down and select On
12. Click Save button
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