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Wake on LAN not working on the VDX

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TitleWake on LAN not working on the VDX
A scenario was found that when a Wake-On-LAN packet is sent to an edge device terminated on a VDX port it would not consistently cause the device to come on-line as expected. The WOL protocol makes us of the "IP Directed Broadcast" protocol which allow you to send a routed packet to a destination network that will broadcast the packet on the targeted subnet.

Testingwith an ICX6450-24P setting ip directed-broadcast all works fine. Setting ip directed-broadcaston the VDX port testing to the samedevice does not come on-line This makes it appear that ip directed-broadcastis not working properly.
Software Release: 5.x and up
Fixed in Version: N/A
The VDX uses Ethernet Primitives in order to discover connections between each switch in a VCS fabric. The primitive sequences used by VDX were interfering with the device waking up.
The primitives can be turned off in the interface configuration as shown below - allowing the Wake on LAN to work:
interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/1
no fabric isl enable
no fabric trunk enable
fabric neighbor-discovery disable

no shutdown
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