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Warn:ACL.Policy.IntAppConfFail errors seen in logs

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TitleWarn:ACL.Policy.IntAppConfFail errors seen in logs
The following errors are seen in logs:
<Warn:ACL.Policy.IntAppConfFail> Failed to install dynmic acl esMacViol_7062b867670c_65553 for internal applicaton IpSecurity on vlan * port 17 .Error: Unable to install new rule. No more hardware resource

  • Summit X430
  • Summitlite
  • This is a software bug discovered in summitlite which triggers the internal application (IP Security in this error) to think that hardware resources aren't available to enforce/apply the Dynamic ACL on the port.
Additional notes
  • In EXOS IP security is an internal application, which enforces various actions to block/disable ports through Dynamic ACLs. 
  • This particular error indicates that the Dynamic ACL can't be applied due to the unavailability of Hardware Resources.
  • However, this error isn't Service impacting if you don't see a situation where a "Rogue Server" is attached to the port. However if that did happen, because of the bug, the "Rogue Server" could be allowed to lease IP Addresses to clients on the Network.



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