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Warning: Database Not Running displayed on NetSight launch page

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TitleWarning: Database Not Running displayed on NetSight launch page
  • User unable to log into any NetSight applications.
  • Error message displayed on NetSight Launch page:  Warning: Database Not Running.
  • Error on login:  User Login Failed.  User is not authorized.
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • Inventory Manager
  • Policy Manager
  • NAC Manager
  • Automated Security Manager
  • OneView
  • Windows
The hard drive on the NetSight server may have run out of space.
Free up hard drive space on the NetSight server and then restart the NetSight database.

To restart the NetSight database in Windows:
1.  Start Windows Control Panel.
2.  Click Administrative Tools
3.  Click Services.
4.  Right click on NetSight Database Service and select Start.

To restart the NetSight database on a Linux server:
  1. SSH to the server
  2. issue the command: service nsdatabase restart
  3. issue the command: service nsserver restart


Additional notes

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Incorrect /etc/hosts configuration causing communication issues with the database:
Centos Linux NetSight server shows "Warning: Database not started" after change of IP address

The service commands are not available if running a 32-bit OS for a server. Further, we no longer can update any bugs under that OS and customers should migrate to 64-bit appliances in this case. A 32-bit OS may crash without a server.log reference and will need to be restarted using init 6.

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