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What does "Using Device Level Configuration" mean in ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ)?

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TitleWhat does "Using Device Level Configuration" mean in ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ)?
Warning in ExtremeCloud IQ indicated by orange diamond icon with an exclamation point showing "Using Device Level Configuration" text when hovering over icon
ExtremeCloud IQ
Each device can have a template applied to it. Templates are used so multiple devices can have the same settings applied quickly, and so those settings can be modified for multiple devices all at one time.  By using a template, you can effectively program 50 devices (for example) at once rather than individually. However with each device, you can still override on a per-device basis, such as setting custom radio power or channel settings. 

If and when such "custom" changes have been made to a device or multiple devices to deviate from the base template that has been applied, you will see this warning

When you see this warning, it simply indicates that the device in question, is running presently with one or more configuration changes having been made that vary from the template that has been assigned to the AP. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You may WANT those changes to remain in place as they may have been made to tailor the configuration of the device(s) in question to better suit the environment around them and to work more seamlessly with any other devices that may have been deployed in the environment that surrounds the device(s) in question.

If that is the case, and all is working well, the warning is benign, and no action need be taken

If you believe that is NOT the case, and you want to revert the device(s) in question to how the template that is assigned is configured, then you can accomplish that by taking the following actions:

> Navigate to:  Manage Devices
> Select the device(s) with orange icon 'Using Device Level Configuation' displayed for which you wish to revert back to the device template configured in the Network Policy applied to the device(s)
> From the 'Actions' menu, select 'Revert Device to Template Defaults'
> You will see the following warning displayed;

"Proceeding with this action will result in overwriting any local configuration (device-level) changes for this device by the network policy (device template) configuration.

This action will occur when the configuration is pushed to the devices"

> Assuming you still are certain you want to take this action, select 'Save'
> The template configured for the Network Policy that has been assigned to the device(s) in question will be pushed out to all devices that have been selected
> The device(s) in question will now be configured according to the device templates and Network Policy that have been applied to them and the "Using Device Level Configuration" warning should go away.

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