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While taking a supportsave, a VDX6740 started rebooting repeatedly.

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TitleWhile taking a supportsave, a VDX6740 started rebooting repeatedly.
While taking a supportsave the following error messages appeared:

[HASM-1002] 14068, SW/0 | Active | FFDC, CRITICAL, VDX6740, Error happens on service instance chassis 0: command load failed or timed out (Critical).
[RAS-1001] 14069, SW/0 | Active, INFO, VDX6740, First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.

Afterwards the device entered a loop of repeatedly rebooting while generating the following message on the serial console port:

ERROR : Fri Mar 29 14:11:22 2019 : srmd0 Fail to connect to WaveServer ipaddr= status=655364

Neither of the following messages appeared on the serial console port while the device was rebooting:

vsmgr: disk xfer failed
  • VDX6740
  • NOS 5.0.2a
This is due to an extremely rare incident of file corruption while taking supportsave.
As long as neither of the messages "SCSI_REQ_SENSE failed" or "vsmgr: disk xfer failed" appear on the serial console while the device is rebooting, recovery is possible through netinstall.

For further information on performing netinstall, please refer to How to perform netinstall on VDX 6740 and 6940 via USB? or TFTP/NFS netinstall on 6740/6940/8770.
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