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Why aren't remote APs upgrading and pulling the configuration after being adopted by the controller?

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TitleWhy aren't remote APs upgrading and pulling the configuration after being adopted by the controller?
Remote APs are adopting, but are not upgrading their firmware or pulling the config from the controller.
  • WiNG 5.x
  • All WiNG controllers
  • All WiNG APs
  • Does not apply to legacy controllers and APs
  • Firmware version mismatch. The APs and controller are on different firmware versions. 
  • No autoinstall configured. The AP profile/s is/are configured to prevent the APs from automatically upgrading upon adoption. 
  1. Make sure that "no autoinstall" is configured in the AP profile by logging into your controller, accessing the default profile (or customer profile if you've created one) of the AP in question and running the following commands:
#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
(config)#profile ap6532 default-ap6532
(config-profile-default-ap6532)#sh context
profile ap6532 default-ap6532
autoinstall configuration
no autoinstall firmware
  1. Verify that the AP firmware is installed on your controller:
#sh device-upgrade versions
          CONTROLLER              DEVICE-TYPE                 VERSION
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap621        
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap622        
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap650        
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap6511                 none
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap6521       
  rfs4000-1C4706              ap6522       
  1. Manually select the APs you would like to upgrade:
  • From GUI go to Operations > Devices
  • Expand System
  • Expand Default (or the RF-Domain in which the controller resides)
  • Select the controller
  • Go to the Adopted Devices tab
  • Check the "All Devices" box (or boxes of individual APs if you prefer not upgrading them all at once)
  • Click on the "Upgrade Firmware" button
  • Go to the Upgrade Status link to make sure that the upgrade is being properly processed. 
User-added image
Once the firmware has been upgraded the APs should pull the configuration and operate as they should. 
Additional notes
If further assistance is required please contact technical support.



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