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Switch gets into reboot loop during bootup if SSH is enabled and a SSH key is not installed

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TitleSwitch gets into reboot loop during bootup if SSH is enabled and a SSH key is not installed
When booting a EXOS switch on 21.1 or 16.2 you see "Enter passphrase:" and sometimes EXOS reboots.
Starting ExtremeXOS 21.1.2b14
Copyright (C) 1996-2016 Extreme Networks.  All rights reserved.
This product is protected by one or more US patents listed at along with their foreign counterparts.

(pending-AAA) login: 

Authentication Service (AAA) on the master node is now available for login.

Enter passphrase: load failed
Disabling protocol version 2. Could not load host key
Process exsshd pid 2119 died with signal 11
sshd: no hostkeys available -- exiting.

55563094  8e020000 lw     v0,0(s0)
55563098  0017b080 sll    s6,s7,0x2
5556309c  00561021 addu   v0,v0,s6
555630a0 <8c440000>lw     a0,0(v0)
555630a4  1091000e beq    a0,s1,0x555630e0
555630a8  8f99909c lw     t9,-28516(gp)
555630ac  0320f809 jalr   t9
555630b0  00000000 nop
555630b4  8fc30000 lw     v1,0(s8)

  • EXOS 16.2 or 21.1
  • SSH
This happens when EXOS loads a configuration file (.cfg) that has SSH enabled, but the switch doesn't have a SSH key in the eeprom.

This can happen one of two ways:
  • The configuration file is manually placed on the switch
  • The configuration file is placed on the switch by the master in a stack.
Solution 1:
  1. Upgrade to EXOS 22.1 and above or 16.2.3 which contains a fix for CR xos0067251 and xos0064864.
Solution 2:
  1. Recreate the ssh key after loading the configuration
    • ​"configure ssh2 key"
Solution 3:
  1. Reboot the switch into the bootrom, and do "config none" to boot a default config
  2. Use the command "enable ssh" to create a private key in the eeprom.
  3. Use the command "use configuration <config_file.cfg>", and reboot back into the original config file.
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