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Why is my FCoE host unable to see storage after a VDX reload?

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TitleWhy is my FCoE host unable to see storage after a VDX reload?
When VDX 8770 is reloaded, the

When switch is rebooted, server cable pulled or switch port with server attached is bounced by running shutdown and then no shutdown, the FCoE login works as expected.When reload command is run on the switch the server is unable to access its storage and the server is not registered in the Name Server.
Software Release: N/A
Fixed in Version: 4.1.3, 5.0.0
When fcoeport default is configured on an interface, switch needs to send out Unsolicited Advertisements (UAs) on that interface to the CNA.
But in this case, switch is not sending the UA, which causes the FCOE login for that device to fail.
Upgrade to NOS release with fix when available.
Additional notes
1. Bounce the interface theeffectedserver is attached toby running CLI shutdownand thenno shutdown.
2. On effected interface, unplug cable and then plug cable back in.
3. Perform reboot rather than reload.



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