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Why is the Management port not available for 1 Gig speed?

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TitleWhy is the Management port not available for 1 Gig speed?
There is no option to set gig speed for the RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet out-of-band management port for VDX 6730-76.

VDX2(config-Management-2/0)# speed


Only 10/100 and auto are available.
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Fixed in Version: N/A
The 1000BT standard actually requires auto-negotiation in order to establish link. This is because all four pairs are used and in order to keep the data integrity stable, fast-link-pulses need to be exchanges to keep synchronized.

Normally, the only time 1000 is hard configured is when higher options are available; such as on 10G/1G combo ports or if the vendor has given the feature to control whether the port is in slave or master mode in terms of the clock source for synchronization on the link; some NICs/vendors have poor clock sources and thus need to always be slave to the other clock source in order for the link to remain stable.

Finally, half-duplex is not an error state on 1000BT so only full-duplex is allowed. Hence there is no need to specify any other setting except 10/100 or auto.
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