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WiNG AP not seeing correct amount of mint neighbors

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TitleWiNG AP not seeing correct amount of mint neighbors
  • RF-domain not correctly populated
  • Wireless clients not seamlessly roaming
  • APs not seeing mint neighbors via vlan mint level 1
  • Each AP in the same rf-domain is it's own RF-domain manager
  • ICMP ping between APs is successful
  • Mint ping between APs is successful
  • APs successfully adopted by controller
  • WiNG APs
  • WiNG Controllers
  • WiNG 5.x
  • Remote site deployment
IGMP Snooping and/or storm control is enabled on L2 switch connected to the controller or AP.

Layer 2 MiNT traffic is being dropped or delayed
  • "Show mint neighbors" does not list the right amount of neighbors on some APs.
  • RF-domain tree show incorrect number of AP (and All APs are online)
  • Wireless clients are not seamlessly roaming
Disable IGMP snooping and or Storm control on L2/L3 switch.
Additional notes
  • The above is particularly true about Juniper switches that tend to have IGMP Snooping enabled by default. 
  • Before checking for IGMP snooping and Storm control on 3rd party L2/L3 switch, make sure that the control vlan is correctly configured on the rf-domain and that all APs have access to said vlan on their GE port.
  • If unable to disable IGMP snooping to ensure AP adoption configure firewall policy filter to allow the flow of traffic to specified destination-mac-address – 01:A0:F8:00:00:00/48



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