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End Systems Show Up in NAC With Missing OS Family and OS Type

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TitleEnd Systems Show Up in NAC With Missing OS Family and OS Type
In NAC Manager the OS Family and OS Type columns are blank for some Windows 10 or other systems
OS Detect does not work in Control Panel End systems
  • All NAC platforms
  • All Wireless platforms
  • All Wired platforms
  • Windows 10
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • BYOD
  • Option 55
This caused by a new Windows 10 OS fingerprint that is unknown to earlier version of NAC software
Fingerprint data is incorrect for OS type
  1. Upgrade to later software on the XMC and Access Control appliance
  2. Apply a DHCP Fingerprint Override with the applicable Windows 10 fingerprint (See additional notes).
  3. Apply a custom DHCP fingerprint similar to below
Methodology for 8.4 release and above.
Control->Access Control->Engines->Select Engine->Right Click and select Engine Settings Default (not shown)
Select Device Type Detection->Select Use DHCP Fingerprinting Edit
Add fingerprint in window. A sample can be used and altered by using View Sample
Click OK
Click Save to Engine Settings Default
Enforce appliances to take effect.
User-added image
Additional notes

A workaround if an upgrade is not currently an option is to apply a DHCP Fingerprint Override via NAC Manager >> Tools, Management and Configuration >> Advanced Configuration >> Global and Appliance Settings >> Appliance Settings >> Default. Click on the Device Type Detection tab then click Edit, under "DHCP Fingerprint Definition Overrides".  

Paste in the below XML code: This is an example, fingerprint and OS type can be altered.

<DHCP created="2016-02-03" last_updated="2016-02-03" author="">
    <fingerprint os="Windows 8/ 8.1/ 10/ 2012" os_class="Windows" os_url="" comments="" author="" lastmodified="2016-02-03">
            <test weight="5" matchtype="exact" dhcptype="Any" dhcpoption55="1,3,6,15,31,33,43,44,46,47,121,249,252"/>

Click OK.
Click Save (lower right corner of the screen) then perform an Enforce to the NAC appliance.
Re-test by release / renew of the End System's IP.

*Note that this applies to NAC versions 6.2 or higher as there was no Windows 10 support prior to this.

* Option 119 may need to be added prior to 8.1.4 for some recently upgraded Windows 10 OS as of 8/2018






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