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Windows 10 Machine Connects to Internet but Reports "No Internet Connection"

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TitleWindows 10 Machine Connects to Internet but Reports "No Internet Connection"
  1. User reboots/restarts/wakes laptop from sleep mode/undocks
  2. User receives "yellow informational symbol" over wireless icon stating " No Internet Connectivity"
  3. Internet Explorer Auto Launches
  4. User receives a "notification" within the Action Center for wireless network
  • Windows 10
  • Internet Active Probing Enabled
  • Wireless
  • Functions as designed
  • The above behavior is normal and is expected due to Internet Active Probing being enabled. This may occur during laptop reboots/ restarts/ wakes from sleep mode/ undocks. Internet Active Probing is a Windows feature that executes on the computer to check for an active internet connection.
After experiencing the above behavior 1-4, the users should browse Internet Explorer or/and click on the notification in Action Center. This completes the Active Probing process. Give it 30 seconds or so and the "yellow informational symbol" will go away.
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