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Windows Users with slow authentication periods - 10.31.05

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TitleWindows Users with slow authentication periods - 10.31.05
  • Windows users experiencing longer than expected authentication or login results.
  • End client devices showing a black screen and white cursor after successfully entering user credentials.
  • ExtremeWireless appliances.
  • All ExtremeWireless Access Points.
  • All firmware.
  • Windows RADIUS servers.
  • Root cause was determined to be a batch file from a Group Policy.
  • The batch file used 'Xcopy' to download certain files from a network server to the client end devices.
  • Running the batch file directly on an end user showed a 2 minute run time.
  • For the end user device, this was shown as a black screen and white cursor after the user entered their credentials.
  • Verify the end user RADIUS packet conversation using the Wireless Appliance tcpdump Utility.  Look for the complete packet cycle from start of authentication to the final Authentication Success packet.
  • Modification of the batch file or Group Policy on the network RADIUS server.
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