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Wireless Appliance disconnects a user during a fast failover event code 107

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TitleWireless Appliance disconnects a user during a fast failover event code 107
  • Wireless Controller is sending a disconnect to a client due to a RADIUS Accounting Message de-registered with termination code: 107 Fast Failover
  • Wireless users being disconnected when they roam between IdentiFi appliances. 
  • Control (Formerly NAC) shows clients in a disconnected state when they are connected after they roam from one controller in a pair to the next
  • IdentiFi
  • Control (Formerly NAC)
  • 802.1x or MAC based authentication 
  • RADIUS Accounting
The message is sent when a client is roaming between controllers. The messages causes Control (Formerly NAC) to send an RFC 3576 disconnect message that disconnects the client.
In order for the user to not get disconnected the administrator needs to configure Fast Failover Events: (check mark) in two places.
  1. Log into the appliances web GUI
  2. Navigate to the VNS tab, then Global (left column)
  3. Under Authentication tab, select the NAC server(s) by clicking on the server
  4. Enable the Fast Failover Events Checkbox option
  5. Click Save on RADIUS Setting Window > Click Save again on main controller screen
  6. Navigate to WLAN-Service tab (left column)
  7. Click on the SSID that has the NAC server configured
  8. Click on the Auth & Acct tab
  9. Click on the NAC server(s) and select ConfigureButton
  10. Click on the Acct line and enable Fast Failover Events
  11. Click Save button on RADIUS Parameters window > Click Save again on main controller
Please note, the 107 message will still show up on the controller but NAC will not disconnect the user when it roams controllers. 
Additional notes
If the controllers are running in a High Availability mode, these changes will be required to be made on each controller, being synchronization will not make the change automatically.  



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