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Wireless Appliance does not forward Netflow traffic to Purview Appliance

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TitleWireless Appliance does not forward Netflow traffic to Purview Appliance
  • Wireless Appliance does not show Netflow traffic
  • Purview does not display mirrored traffic
  • Packet traces taken from wireless interface does not show Netflow packets 
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Software Version:
  • Purview 6.3
  • Netflow
  • UPD 2095
  • The wireless controller has the Admin interface configured for management by default.
  • The Admin interface cannot be used as the source for Netflow traffic.
  • The Admin interface is designed for management only of the wireless solution via wireless assistant, the solution's GUI web interface.
  1. Deactivate or disable the Admin interface
  2. Setup an available esa interface with management capabilities to be used as the source for the NetFlow traffic. Example:
Topoloy esa0 Management Traffic
       3.  If the same interface is used for management, you may already have a working default route configured:
Add Route
       4.  Here is the screen that comes up to add a route after clicking New Button:
Add Route edit screen
Additional notes
Functioning as Designed. 



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