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Wireless G clients keep disconnecting from AP after firmware upgrade

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TitleWireless G clients keep disconnecting from AP after firmware upgrade
Linksys WMP54GS PCI adapters for desktops cannot connect to the Wireless Network after the 9.21.15 upgrade.
  • ExtremeWireless appliances
  • AP3705, AP3710, AP3825
  • firmware 9.21.15, 9.21.16, 10.21.02, and 10.21.03
  • Certain end devices will fail to connect (or remain connected) when they send power save poll packets. The Access Point was using code created prior to 802.11n updated queue and poll handling processes, and the Access Point firmware needed to be updated.
  • Also, in the 9.21.15, 9.21.16, 10.21.02, and 10.21.03, the Rx path was no restarted after the Tx queue flushing mechanism was completed, placing the radio in a stuck state.
Fixed in firmware 9.21.17, 10.21.04, 10.31.02
Release Note: wns0017620 Corrected logical error for AP37xx (both radios) and AP38xx (2.4GHz radio) when triggered it does not always restart the Rx path after the queues have been drained which results in the radio getting stuck
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