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Guest Portal Registration or Guest Splash page does not display

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TitleGuest Portal Registration or Guest Splash page does not display
  • Wireless portal page doesn't display
  • Web Redirect is not redirecting clients to the log in web page
  • IdentiFi
  • All Wireless Controllers
  • All Firmware Versions
  • DNS Server
  • Topology IP Address
  • DHCP
  • Guest Portal
  • Guest Splash
  • DNS Lookups fails
  • Guest Topology IP is not configured in NonAuthenticated Role
  • User is not getting a DHCP address 
  1. Modify Unauthenticated portal policy to allow port 53 to pass traffic
  2. Verify DNS is working from client machine with dos prompt command: nslookup
  3. Guest Splash/portal require an IP address to be configured in the Topology
  4. The Topology IP address need to be allowed in the Guest Non-authenticated role. 
  5. DHCP must be allowed in the Guest Non-athenticated role
  6. Remove any Non-Default Exception Filters associated to the Topology
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