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Wireless WDS Bridge going down intermittently

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TitleWireless WDS Bridge going down intermittently
WDS wireless bridge link is dropping intermittently
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Firmware All
  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  • Mesh
The following settings need to be adjusted:
  • Switch off automatic power tuning on the radio used for the WDS link.
  • Set the radio power to max supported for the channel you are using 
  • The link should be over engineered to achieve a good signal, -55 to -60 rss is in the good range
  • Set the child AP to not maintain client sessions located in the radio properties of the child access point 
  • Remove other wlan services being advertised on the radio which is being used as backhaul WDS link 
  • Set the access point radio protection to always, rts/cts on both sides
  • Set to long guard interval for more stability
  • Note: 20Mhz will give more power than 40Mhz, 
  • Use non DFS channel on 5Ghz to avoid a DFS timeouts on the 5Ghz radio

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