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Wireless packet drop with ADDBA enabled per radio

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TitleWireless packet drop with ADDBA enabled per radio
Wireless Clients keep dropping packets with block acknowledgments enabled (ADDBA)
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • WS-AP37xx
  • WS-AP38xx
  • Firmwares 8.x, 9.x, and 10.x
  • The customer has seen the issue with Ascom i62 phones, which are running the latest version (4.3.12)
  • Dell Laptop with INtel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN Driver version
  • iPads and Macbooks.
  • iOS
  • Android
ADDBA is Enabled
Upgrade to latest release
  •  9.21.15 or higher
  • 10.11.06 or higher
  • 10.21.02 or higher
Additional notes
Workaround for firmware without the fix below

Disable ADDBA Support and Aggregate MPDU settings per radio.

Radio Advanced Settings
Note: Make sure to save the changes before moving to the advanced settings of the radio of the same AP. For example, if you start with Radio 1 click on the Save button before you move to Radio 2 tab, otherwise the changes made for Radio 1 will be lost and vice-versa. 




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