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Wireless users do not get redirected from EWC to NAC Guest Portal

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TitleWireless users do not get redirected from EWC to NAC Guest Portal
  • Wireless users cannot see portal
  • Wireless users stay in Unregistered state
  • No http traffic coming at the NAC via tcpdump
  • EWC C5210
  • Netsight NAC
  • Netsight Console
  • This makes the assumption that the wireless controller is doing the redirection and not an external router.
  • Check the setting via selecting from EWC page VNS -> WLAN Services -> Auth and Acct.
You should see the following area, possible not selected for external.

User-added image
  • If there is no configuration setup for External Authentication on the EWC. Make sure external is enabled. If not do so and save.
  • Next click on Configure for Authentication. The below window will pop up.
  • The following window is not configured correctly, or at all.

User-added image
  1. Change EWC Connection to management interface IP.
  2. Enter 32770 next to the port (use a unique port per portal when multiple portals are created, example 32771)
  3. Enter http://(NACIPADDRESS)
  4. Do not enter in any other information or checkboxes.
  5. Close the window, then save.
  6. Retest
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