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Wrong temperature output and fan behavior in X440G2-24p

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TitleWrong temperature output and fan behavior in X440G2-24p
Temperature output and fan behavior in X440G2-24p
  • X440G2-24p
* Reported behavior (high temperature and higher fan speed) is seen only with X440G2-24p variant but not with X440G2-48p variant switches.
* Hardware architecture of X440G2-24p is completely different from X440G2-48p model. As per design, the X440G2-24p model requires more air-flow when compared to other variants.
* PoE temperature sensor is a virtual sensor whose temperature is calculated based on several factors like temperature value from other sensors and PoE output. Fan speed will be increased accordingly as per this calculation.
* Algorithm used for calculating temperature will vary for each hardware variant to ensure that the system (including board devices and Power Supply) does not overheat.

xos0064801 will solve the cosmetic issue: "In X440G2 switches, show temperature output displays incorrect value on the other slot as that of actual temperature"
Target Release(s):    
EXOS 22.1.1 (Released)
EXOS (Released)

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