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X460-G2-10G4 will not allow native stacking to be enabled

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TitleX460-G2-10G4 will not allow native stacking to be enabled
After placing the following commands into the switch:
  • enable stacking-support (By default it designated the stacking ports as native)
  • reboot
  • enable stacking
The switch will reboot and then display the following message (this will only be displayed if you are using console access):

This hardware does not support stacking; but stacking mode is enabled.
Stacking mode will be disabled for the duration of this boot session.
Please check stacking-support configuration.
  • X460G2-10G4
  • EXOS
This is normal behavior based on the module installed. There are 4 modules available for this slot on the X460-G2:
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2x
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2t
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2ss
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2q
The following modules are designated for "native" stacking:
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2ss
  • Summit X460-G2 VIM-2q
There are two options moving forward to allow stacking to be enabled:
  1. Install a module intended for "native" stacking and enable stacking.
  2. If a "native" stacking module is not available "alternate" stacking can be used:
    • enable stacking-support
    • configure stacking-support stack-ports all selection alternate
    • reboot
    • enable stacking
Alternate stacking will only be available if the switch is a 10GE4 NOT a GE4.
The Summit X460-G2 VIM-2X cannot be used for stacking with the  X460-G2-10GE4 switch. Ports 51 and 52 (front panel ports) will have to be used.
Additional notes
Guide for creating a Stack with Summit switches:
How to create a stack with Summit switches

For troubleshooting a stack see this article:
Getting started with Summit Stacking



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