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XMC 27001 Subscription License shows Expired in Extreme Portal

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TitleXMC 27001 Subscription License shows Expired in Extreme Portal
The part# 27001 XMC subscription license (key string beginning "0001:27001...") displayed from the Licenses Home Page of the Extreme Portal is shown as Expired.
  • Extreme Portal
  • Extreme Management Center (XMC), v7.0.9.4 or higher
The latest 120-day license is expired; and the renewal-entitling service contract was unaligned/invalid/expired as of the last several month-ends and/or XMC's web-connected Phone Home process has persistently failed thus far.

Calendar-month-end processing under a valid service contract (with at least one successful Phone Home operation, ever) otherwise renews/updates the portal's Active license value so that at any given time the portal user sees the 27001 license key that should be automatically pushed to XMC by the Phone Home process within the following 30 days (depending on when the subscription started).
If all goes well, the Phone Home process pushes a new 27001 120-day license key to XMC when its existing license is 30 days old. Thus if XMC's 27001 license has less than 75 days remaining, be on the lookout for XMC subscription error messaging that must be resolved ASAP.

XMC subscription "phone home" messaging should minimally appear every 7 days in XMC's server.log / console.log files:
  • "Usage Data Collection Sent" means that XMC's data exchange with the Extreme subscription database seems correct.
  • "Usage Data Collection Failed" means that the license will likely expire after 120 days have elapsed, so contact GTAC Support (and/or email as needed.
As at least a partial resolution, the portal-visible Active/unexpired key value may be manually configured into XMC if the Phone Home process has failed multiple times and XMC's applied license is thus older than 45 days.
Note: Please avoid any other manual update of the XMC license key - e.g. key removal, replacement with a NETSIGHTEVAL key, replacement with a standard NMS key, etc - after the subscription has started, as this is disruptive to subscription operation.
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