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XMC Policy Verify Fails on EWC High Availability Pair

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TitleXMC Policy Verify Fails on EWC High Availability Pair
  • Policy verify failure
  • Role Mismatch Error
  • Error may include Device Role Status Not Active
  • XMC - all versions
  • EWC
HA Pair policy mib support is not complete on the controller hence XMC failures during enforce/verify may occur
The following may be set in Policy so that the paired devices are treated as separate EWC's rather than paired.  This will effectively enforce and verify without consideration of the paired mode.
  1. Edit the file /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/ to include the line: policyEnforceIgnoreHaPairStatus=true
  2. Once entered restart services with the command: service nsserver restart

Additional notes
Another solution may be to wait about an hour and try a verify again.  The sync between the controllers may take some time to update all the necessary information.  This has worked at more than one site.



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