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ZTP process fails if there is no XMC in the network

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TitleZTP process fails if there is no XMC in the network
Switch is not completing the auto provision process if there is no XMC in the network.
  • EXOS 22.5, 22.6
  • Summit all
Option 125 in DHCP packet which is used along with Netsight is ideally supposed to be  superseded by ZTP+ in XMC.
Option 43 works for cases where there is no XMC, i.e. the config/xsf/python files' location is provided over these options so that ZTP can happen without use of XMC/Netsight.

However, due to a software bug, this fallback to old ZTP does not happen if ZTP+ fails. CR xos0070318 is created to solve this issue.
Fix should be available in the 22.6.1 patch release or 22.7 release. Please contact GTAC for more details.
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