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poePowerBudgetUpdate() failed and PoE delivery interrupted

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TitlepoePowerBudgetUpdate() failed and PoE delivery interrupted

* N-Series multi-slot environment
* Hardware swap in slot 1 impacts slot N+1 POE delivery
* POE errors present
        poeChassisPortCountUpdate: poePowerBudgetUpdate() failed

* N-Series
* All firmware
* Hardware swap of slot-X result in POE service interruption to ports on slot-Y. 
* Error reported on one blade out of several
* Error logged
     Message 4/67 Syslog Message 12/15/2014 22:16:20 
       poePowerBudgetUpdate() failed. 




The board reporting the calculation failure should be replaced. 

Error reported on one blade only.  (ex: slot 3 of 4 reports this error when another blade is inserted in the system)

Note that this case is specific to insertion of a new blade into a stable and functional distributed N-series environment.  POE delivery is interrupted and a power budget calculation error reported, There should be no POE impact when a new blade is introduced  


Next Action: RMA:

If you are facing the symptoms described in this article then the next step is to submit an RMA.

Submit an RMA on the Support Portal


If you are not familiar with the Extreme Networks RMA process, please review the RMA Process FAQ before submitting this RMA.
Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ)
Additional notes

N-series slot related POE interruption.  
Board with service impact also log errors.
* Not all blades experience POE interruption. 
* The blade with POE service outage and budget errors has experienced a hardware failure.
* Service may or may not recover.



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