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The show fan Command Shows fan Status as "Failed" at 0 RPM

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TitleThe show fan Command Shows fan Status as "Failed" at 0 RPM
  • Cli output display fan status as failed.
  • Physically the fans are operating normally
  • Syslog messages similar to the following is reported by the affected system: 
<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: Slot-2, Code 5: Fan tray 2, fan #4, in slot 2 has failed. 
RPM (0) is out of operating range which is at or above 2000. (X670V-48x, P/N: 800583-00-02, S/N: 1234G-00321, Rev: 2.0)

<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: Previous message repeated 5 additional times in the last 30 second(s)
  • Fans starts operating normally again either after a reset of the fan module and/or system or on its own. 
  • ExtremeXOS (EXOS)
  • ExtremeXOS version 15.x
  • ExtremeXOS version 
  • X670V-48x
Software bug. 
The section Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.1.3-Patch1-8 of the ExtremeXOS Release Notes Software Version 16.1.3-Patch1-11 provides the following information:
xos0064075 | The output of the show fan command shows fan status as "Failed"
after hot re-seating a fan module.
Upgrade EXOS Software to version 16.1.3-Patch1-8 or Superior. 
Additional notes
See also All fans rotating though output shows failed with zero RPM for all fans 

If problem persists after upgrading the OS of the Summit X670 switch, please go to article Summit Fan Failure



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