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The show fan Command Shows fan Status as "Failed" at 0 RPM

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TitleThe show fan Command Shows fan Status as "Failed" at 0 RPM
  • Cli output display fan status as failed.
  • Physically the fans are operating normally
  • Syslog messages similar to the following is reported by the affected system: 
<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: Slot-2, Code 5: Fan tray 2, fan #4, in slot 2 has failed. 
RPM (0) is out of operating range which is at or above 2000. (X670V-48x, P/N: 800583-00-02, S/N: 1234G-00321, Rev: 2.0)

<Warn:DM.Warning> Slot-2: Previous message repeated 5 additional times in the last 30 second(s)
  • Fans starts operating normally again either after a reset of the fan module and/or system or on its own. 
  • ExtremeXOS (EXOS)
  • ExtremeXOS version 15.x
  • ExtremeXOS version 
  • X670V-48x
Software bug. 
The section Resolved Issues in ExtremeXOS 16.1.3-Patch1-8 of the ExtremeXOS Release Notes Software Version 16.1.3-Patch1-11 provides the following information:
xos0064075 | The output of the show fan command shows fan status as "Failed"
after hot re-seating a fan module.
Upgrade EXOS Software to version 16.1.3-Patch1-8 or Superior. 
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