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Slow path forwarding and high bcmRX process on Summit X440

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TitleSlow path forwarding and high bcmRX process on Summit X440
  • "top" command will show high "bcmRX"
  • Latency in network
  • Packet drops could be seen
  • EXOS All
  • Summit X440 series
Hardware limitation, by default the configuration is to hold a max of 16 routes for the summit 440 switches and you can extend this to 32 (MAX) 
Please take a tcpdump with assistance from GTAC to identify the packets which are hitting the CPU.
If the packets which needs to be routed in hardware are hitting the CPU please check the below

The IPv4 entries in the hardware table which has 16! with exclamation mark indicates that the limit has exceeded the configured.

Switch # show iproute reserved-entries statistics 

                      |-----In HW Route Table-----|   |--In HW L3 Hash Table--|
                       # Used Routes   # IPv4 Hosts   IPv4   IPv4  IPv6   IPv4
Slot  Type              IPv4   IPv6    Local Remote   Local  Rem.  Local  MCast
----  --------------- ------- ------  ------ ------   -----  ----- -----  -----
1     X440-24x-10G         16!     0       4     44      15    489     0      0

Theoretical maximum for each resource type:

X440                       32     16      64     64      509  512     256     256 

Please apply the below two commands in a chance window which will help to free up some space in the hardware table and configures the maximum capacity which can be configured for the switch.

enable iproute compression 
configure iproute reserved-entries maximum
If the commands does not help probably the hardware has to be upgraded with larger table limits.         

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